David Salmon

Hi there πŸ‘‹

I'm David Salmon - I work in tech in London

Running International at Tubi, previously building businesses for Endeavor

Reading & Listening List

I've been asked on a few occasions to share my current reading/subscribing/listening list, so I thought the laziest way to respond moving forwards is to compile a formal one I can share - hope you find something good on it.

Daily Reading
Newsletters - Individuals
  • Money Stuff, Matt Levine (Bloomberg) - πŸ”—
  • Stratechery, Ben Thompson πŸ’° - πŸ”—
  • Benedict's Newsletter, Benedict Evans - πŸ”—
  • FT Unhedged, Financial TimesπŸ’° - πŸ”—
  • Axios Capital, Felix Salmon - πŸ”—
  • Chartbook, Adam Tooze - πŸ”—
  • Bits About Money, Patrick McKenzie πŸ’°- πŸ”—
  • Fintech Blueprint, Lex Sokolin πŸ’° - πŸ”—
  • The Generalist, Mario Gabriele - πŸ”—
  • The Diff, Bryne Hobart πŸ’° - πŸ”—
  • Lenny's Newsletter, Lenny Rachitsky - πŸ”—
  • Margins, Ranjan Roy & Can Duruk - πŸ”—
  • Essays, Matthew Ball- πŸ”—
  • Noahpinion, Noah Smith - πŸ”—
  • 5ish, MG Siegler - πŸ”—
  • Luttig's Learnings, JohnΒ Luttig - πŸ”—
  • How they grow, Jaryd Hermann - πŸ”—
  • The Split, Turner Novak / BC - πŸ”—
  • Newcomer, Eric Newcomer πŸ’°- πŸ”—
  • The BeautifulΒ Mess, John Cutler - πŸ”—
  • Not Boring, Packy McCormick - πŸ”—
  • Irrational Exuberance, Will Larson - πŸ”—